BrewDog Vs. Flying Dog: International Arms Race

Two of my favorite hardcore craft breweries are facing off head-to-head in a battle collaboration, aptly named International Arms Race. BrewDog of Scotland accepted the challenge thrown down by the United States’ own Flying Dog and the battle is on!

BrewDog vs Flying Dog Battle Collaboration

The objective is to brew an IPA-style beer using NO HOPS (crazy, right?). Instead, the brewers from each team will use berries, herbs and roots to create a beer worthy of winning the battle. Both brews will be named ‘Zero IBU IPA’ and we, the consumers, should start seeing them available for tasting in june.

Not only are the brewers facing off in this battle collaboration, but the label illustrators are as well. BrewDog’s longtime friend Johanna Basford will be battling Flying Dog’s legendary label artist Ralph Steadman for who’s-is-radder bragging rights.

Both BrewDog and Flying Dog have long been pushing the envelope with their lovingly crafted beers (Flying Dog Raging Bitch and BrewDog Tokyo are two excellent examples), so it’s anyone’s guess as to who might take the prize. But really, the real winners here are the people, like us, who get to drink the spoils.

Best of luck to both breweries – we can’t wait to get a taste.

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