"Breweries, Beers & Bar Food" Coming To a TV Near You…Hopefully

Cable television is ridiculous. Flip on your TV and odds are that you’ll come across some hyper-specific show about dog grooming, Uzbekistanian history, or people addicted to literally anything you can think of. If you can get at least like seven people to watch something, odds are that it’s going to be made and aired on the Butter Churning Channel (BCC 223: “Churning and Learning, One Day At a Time) or some other BS. I mean, I’m pretty sure that at this point there are more Real Housewives than members of Congress. And they probably have more influence over the country too. (NeNe for PresPres!)

But something has been missing. There’s a vastly underserved market of people who deserve a flagship program to call their own. Who? Beer drinkers that’s who. Am I right?

Think about it. In the whole vast cable universe, there’s simply no place for a craft beer lover to be appropriately entertained. Sure there are a handful of shows that wink and nod at the glories of the liquid lifestyle (Looking at you Bourdain). But a show about craft beer? The ins and outs of brewing it? The best ways and places to enjoy it? Nowhere to be found. Until now.

Breweries, Bars & Beer Food is a new show being brought to a channel near you in the not-so-distant future. In a nutshell, this is THE show for craft beer aficionados. Each episode will focus on a different craft brewery from a different region of the country. You get the chance to peek behind the curtain to see some real-deal brewing techniques and strategies from the some of the guys that do it better than anyone else on Earth. The show will also visit local restaurants that specialize in serving these masterful craft brews and pairing them with logical, delicious tastes.

The show is hosted by Chris Spradley. Now, Spradley isn’t a household name, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be. The dude is legit. He’s been riding the craft beer wave since his college days in 1994. My feeling is that if you get into craft beer while everyone else around you is shotgunning lukewarm cans of Natty Light and kissing ugly girls, you’re WAY ahead of the curve.


Chris Spradley (right) talks with brewer

The pilot episode has already been filmed at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR. The plan is to release a preview during American Craft Beer Week (May 13-19), and then figure out a path to wider distribution from there. Future episode plans include in-depth visits (pilgrimages?) to places like Stone Brewing Co., Brooklyn Brewery, Cigar City, and Three Floyds Brewery.

At this point, you’re thinking “Man, I want to watch this show,” and wondering what you can do to help to make it happen. That’s the spirit! Basically, there are two things you can do to help out:

1. Join the Breweries, Bars & Beer Food Facebook group and be vocal about your support. The more fans they’ve got, the better their chances are of actually getting this deserving endeavor into the light of day.

2. Continue to love craft beer. Explore, investigate, appreciate, educate, and indulge. Because as the guys at B,B, & BF say: “Life is too short to drink bad beer.”


  • Alex Keil April 14, 2013 @ 7:42am

    I don’t think big beer will ever let this happen, unless it’s about their “craft” brands. We’ve seen what happened to Brewmasters on Discovery (which by the way was randomly reaired at 2 am recently). Lew Bryson also tried to launch a show about beer blogging which aired once on PBS but was never picked up. I think the way to go will be the internet and webisodes.

  • Black Sun Brewing June 26, 2013 @ 7:31pm

    I like the premise of the show, but I will be very surprised if it actually gets picked up by a network.

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