Brews for a Cause: Drink for Sandy Relief

Surge Protector IPA

If you’ve been thinking about doing something for the victims of hurricane Sandy, but don’t quite know what or how, 9 breweries are giving some the chance to drink for relief.

Eight Long Island breweries have come together to brew an IPA called Surge Protector, to help with the relief efforts. All proceeds will be donated to the Long Island Cares food bank and Barrier Brewing Co., a microbrewery that was destroyed by the storm.

Participating breweries include Blue Point Brewing Co., Barrier Brewing, Blind Bat Brewery, Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing, Long Ireland Beer Co., Port Jeff Brewing Co., and Spider Bite Brewing Co. The beer was brewed, bottled, and labeled at Blue Point, and each of the breweries contributed a different ingredient along with a bit of sweat and elbow grease.

These eight breweries were planning a collaboration project for the Long Island Craft Beer Week in May, but when Sandy hit, they refocused their energy on helping the victims of the hurricane.

Local Long Island distributor Clare Rose has volunteered to distribute the beer free of charge, and starting yesterday, Surge Protector is available in 22-ounce bottles at local Long Island restaurants, bars, and beverage centers, for about $16.99 per bottle.

“We are stronger together than we are separate, and this is a good demonstration of that,” says Mark Burford of Blue Point. Surge Protector’s label furthers that message, reading “Each brewery donated an ingredient for surge Protector IPA, exhibiting the solidarity of Long Island’s beer community. Thanks for helping us rebuild Long Island…with beer.”

$16.99 is pricey, sure, but this is a limited edition beer, a one-off, and all for a good cause. They brewed a 60-barrel batch (about 100 kegs) with only 2,000 bottles hitting shelves. If I were to guess, I’d say these beers are going to go fast.

FU Sandy AleThen there’s FU Sandy, a hybrid wheat-pale ale by Flying Fish Brewery out of New Jersey. The FU stands for “Forever Unloved,” but if I were to guess, I’d say they’re using the acronym to play on another common saying using those two letters. 100% of the proceeds from FU will go to Sandy victims in New Jersey.

Flying Fish founder Gene Muller said in a statement released by the brewery: “We proudly hail from the great state of New Jersey, so when tragedy struck, we knew immediately that we wanted to do something to help. Every single aspect of this beer, from the man-hours spent brewing it to the hops used to season it to the kegs that will contain it, has been donated so every cent brought in goes to Superstorm Sandy victims.”

They’re producing a total of 100 kegs, which they project will bring in about $50,000 for a Sandy charity, to be determined by Flying Fish Facebook fans and Twitter followers. If you’re living in Jersey or Philly, you’ll have a chance at FU in February.

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