Brewsees Sunglasses: Decent Product, Killer Customer Service

Brewsees Sunglasses

So, the other day, I found out about these bottle-opening sunglasses called Brewsees.

I know what many of you are probably thinking. What makes these different from all of the other bottle-opening products? Well, I’ll tell you.

First, they have a pretty decent tagline, which is “Real Men Pry.” Second, they send their glasses in a Koozie that acts as a sunglass protector and a bottle hugger. My third reason for liking them is more personal and anecdotal. I think you’ll enjoy it.

My sister was over for the Super Bowl on Sunday. She lives in the city, but still receives mail at our parents’ house in the burbs. So, every time she visits, my mom hands over her mail. My sister was particularly elated on Sunday to find a rectangular box carrying a pair of Brewsees sunglasses.

Of course I was intrigued, so I asked her about the box she was tearing open with such eager enthusiasm. She told me she discovered Brewsees while doing some research for a local brewery she’s working with. She loved the idea, but she realized their product was made and marketed solely for men.

Brewsees Sunglasses Hand Popper

She works in marketing herself, and she’s a huge beer geek, so not only was she slightly offended, but she saw an opportunity that Brewsees was totally missing out on: women. She wrote them an email, conveying interest in their product and dissatisfaction with their mens-only mantra.

Instead of ignoring her, or sending an insincere apology, they sent her a pair of glasses (which I’m hoping she’ll give to me), and basically told her, “You’re right.” The’re actually in the process of developing a line for women and they asked her to participate in a focus group where she’ll have the opportunity to offer feedback on the various products.

Call it good timing on her part. Call it good customer service and marketing on theirs. I’d call it all three. Not only did they respond promptly and sincerely, they went above and beyond in the way they handled her inquiry.

For more on Brewsees, check out their website.

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