Bring Us Some Christmas Pudding

Those of you who have been avid readers of KegWorks Blog know just how much I love stouts – particularly Guinness. Generally, I choose to keep my Guinness untainted, but every so often I’ll jazz it up a bit, whether it be a black and tan, Guinness cupcakes, or a Guinness ice cream float. For the winter holiday season, I enjoy dressing it up as a Guinness Christmas Pudding Cocktailcocktail – Guinness Christmas Pudding. This 3-ingredient holiday hootch is quick, easy and sure to please.

Guinness Christmas Pudding

1 oz Drambuie
5 oz Guinness
1 oz Southern Comfort

Combine all ingredients and serve in a red wine glass. Tasty!

Have you got any holiday cocktails to share? Post them as comments here.

Cheers, and have a wonderful holiday season.


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