Bring Your Bar to the Next Level

Bar foot rails not only make your bar look nicer, but they make it a lot more comfortable too. KegWorks sells only the highest quality bar rail parts. And with experts here to help, your home bar projects become an almost simple task. We’ve set up a great guide to add foot rails to your home or commercial bar in 3 easy steps:

Tools You’ll Need
• Electric Drill / Electric Screwdriver
• Hack Saw / Cut Off Saw
• Phillips Screwdriver
• File
• Channel Lock Pliers

Before your order, you’ll need to make a simple sketch of your foot rail.
Plan your Bar Rails

You’ll need to order tubing, brackets and end caps. If your bar rail will be turning a corner, you’ll need an elbow too.
Order your Bar Rails

Installing bar foot rails is easy. Take a look at the diagrams and instructions below:

First, loosely assemble the foot rail by sliding the tubing.
Assemble your Bar Rails

Next, attach the brackets securely to the wall in the first straight section.
Attach your Bar Rails

Finally, secure the finials, elbows and end caps. Done and done!
Secure your Bar Rails

For more detailed instructions, click here for our Step-by-Step Bar Rail Installation Guide. Ready to find out what bar rails we have to offer? Click to view our Bar Rail Parts.

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