Mmm…. Brooklyn Brewery Makes Bacon Beer

Brooklyn BreweryBring on the bacon beer! Brooklyn Brewery’s brew master, Garrett Oliver, has done the unthinkable; he has combined two of the world’s best tastes and created a beer infused with Benton’s Country Smokehouse bacon. The only thing is, if you want to taste it, you’ll need to cough up $350 (plus tax and gratuity) to be a part of the pairing dinner at Per Se tonight.

Bacon plus BeerReinschweinsgebot (German for “pure pig offering” and the name of this beer) will be paired with one of the meal’s 7-courses. I can’t help but wonder if the food will feature bacon as well? Would that be too much bacon, or is there no such thing?

Unfortunately, the delicacy is not (yet) commercially available. Brooklyn Brewery made just 21 cases, all for special events. The reason it’s not being pumped out onto store shelves is the complexity of the process used to make it. Oliver told New York Magazine, “the technique we used — which comes originally out of the perfume industry — involves transferring an aroma from a fat to a liquid without actually transferring the fat itself. Then to completely remove the fat and have none left in the liquid, it was very tricky.” Thankfully, he also added that he’s open to finding a way to simplify the process so that you too can one day enjoy bacon beer. Please pray to the innovation gods.

Other Brooklyn Brewery treats at tonight’s dinner will include the Manhattan Project, a rye-based beer that’s flavored with spices and cherry to emulate the taste of a Manhattan. Unlike the Reinschweinsgebot, the Manhattan Project is going out to bars in New York and 21 other states this week.


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