Brooklyn Brine Hop-Pickles Now Available at KegWorks!

Shamus Jones is a 29-year-old Brooklyn businessman who has turned his pickled vision into a harvested reality. He’s the founder of the Brooklyn Brine Co., which is essentially a pickling factory – where he is the head briner and “pickle maker,” a title he admits still makes him laugh.

To Shamus, a pickle isn’t just a noun. It’s also a verb and an adjective – a way of life, really.

His latest cucumber creation is the result of a collaboration between himself and Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head President and founder. It’s called the Hop-Pickle, and it’s made with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, caramelized onions, and Cascade hops.

Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles

When speaking on the birth of the idea, Calagione said that, “One day last Fall, I was sitting there having a 60 Minute and some Brooklyn Brine pickles while reading the newspaper. When I tried them together, that earthy bitterness that both share was magnified. I thought it was perfect, and within a week, I called Brooklyn Brine.”

Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles with Dogfish Head

Covered by NY Daily News,, the Wall Street Journal, and many many more, the Brooklyn Brine Co. will soon no longer be classified as a small start-up, even though they’re doing everything to maintain that feel.

With national exposure has come a giant boom in business. Whereas they were once ordering 150 pounds of produce daily, they’re now up to 600 pounds. But they’re still doing everything as they once did – small-batch style, everything handcut, just with a couple of extra hands. How do they do it? “Cutting boards, Japanese knives, Slayer, and coffee,” Shamus says.

Brooklyn Brine Pickles

The Hop-Pickle is offered at few select brick and mortar shops, and for the first time online at KegWorks! Also available on our website are the new Whiskey Sour Pickles, and the Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pickles – I’ve personally tried them all and I’m telling you right now, they are an absolute MUST for your next barbeque, or solo pig-out.

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