Brooklyn Local 2

Last night I went to kickball practice. That’s right. Kickball practice. I’m 7, if you were wondering. And I’m on a kickball team. And we actually have practice. Yes.

After practice, I went back to being 29 and headed to the pub that’s sponsoring our team, Papa Jake’s. They have a larger draft beer selection than I would’ve thought, which was really nice, and they offered Brooklyn Local 2 in large corked bottles… Marideth and I shared one with dinner since I had yet to taste it.

Ladies with Brooklyn Local 2

This Belgian Strong Dark Ale poured a dark brown with about a finger of head. Rather good retention but not much lacing. From the pour, I guessed it would have a medium to light mouthfeel, but one never knows until one sips. Its aroma was very sweet – I detected ripe banana, dark raisin and a hint of chocolate.

Brooklyn Local 2

Brooklyn Local 2 did indeed have a very light mouthfeel; quite possibly the lightest bodied Belgian strong ale I’ve had so far. It carbonation was small bubbled and lively at the tip of my tongue, which added to the lightness of its body.

The flavor was quite subtle, yet complex. If the alcohol content wasn’t so high, I would peg this as a perfect session beer, since it’s so light and doesn’t overwhelm in the least. But at 9% ABV, I know that if I attempted to have a few of these I would very likely not being going anywhere for quite some time. The sweet aroma continued through into the palate; honey with touches of caramel, dark raisin and dark chocolate were all present, but again, not overwhelming at all.

I most definitely recommend Brooklyn Local 2 and look forward to having some again… perhaps next Monday after our first official kickball game. Kickball. Ha. Love it.


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