Bucket O’ Beverage

Spring is in the air! Softball and volleyball leagues are forming all over the place and plans for weekend BBQs and summer bashes are coming Cambro Beverage Buckettogether. Not only am I pumped for longer daylight hours, more time outside and warm weather – I’m pumped about this 6 Gallon Beverage Dispenser from Cambro. It might seem like a simple product; I mean, it’s a bucket with a spigot, however it is sure to improve your parties and your life. Whether you’re mixing up iced tea and lemonade for a cookout, offering your team refreshing cold water on the bench or making kool-aid or fruit punch for the kids – it’s easy to make and serve your drinks with this heavy-duty bucket. I have a sneaky suspicion that it might also be ideal for adult beverages like Jungle Juice or Wapatoola.

The only thing better than a cold, delicious drink is a whole bucket of cold, delicious drink that you don’t have to worry about serving.

Get one of these and you’re one step closer to being set for summer.


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