Budweiser Ad Mocks Craft Beer and its Drinkers. But Why?

Budweiser Delivery Truck

If you didn’t see Budweiser’s 60-second spot live on Sunday night, you’ve likely seen it somewhere on the interwebs by now. I’m not talking about the cute puppy commercial either. 

It starts outside the Budweiser headquarters with some serious pump-up music playing in the background. We then move into a couple of close up shots depicting hands full of hops and grains – a fairly common scene for beer commercials. And then the words come across the screen: “Budweiser. Proudly a Macro Beer. It’s Not Brewed to Be Fussed Over. It’s Brewed for a Crisp, Smooth Finish.”

From there, the commercial continues to tout Budweiser’s biggest selling point – it’s beer. Age-old, crisp, cold, consistent beer. For those who like…beer. Oh yeah, and they also kind of mock craft beer and those who drink it. They do it loudly and proudly. Watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now, I am not here to share my opinion on the commercial. Instead, I’m here to ask our readers: what do you think about it? Do you think they made a mistake? Pissed people off, potential customers maybe? Or do you think they did it on purpose to get people talking about Budweiser? Or maybe to re-engage their lifelong drinkers and brand advocates. Hit us up on Facebook and let us know what you think.

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