Buffalo: A Gordon Biersch is Headed Our Way

Thanks to my Twitter pal @Murocker, I’ve learned that the Queen City (specifically, the Walden Galleria) will soon be home to a Gordon Biersch. The 8000-square-foot brew pub-style chain restaurant is slated to open in October and touts "from scratch" American cuisine paired with "brewed-in-house" beers.

Gordon Biersch

According to their website, Gordon Biersch brews mostly German-style lagers that are "proudly brewed in house with the intention of providing you with the highest quality, freshest beer possible. While we may not have 100 taps of kegged beer, or the latest fruit infused ale, we can guarantee one thing – beer like it ought to be!"

I, personally, don’t know much about the chain but @Murocker seems rather pumped. As far as I’m concerned, any chance for newbies to join in the craft beer revolution, even via chain restaurant brew pub, is a good thing to me.


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