Buffalo, in All its Glory

Anchor Bar Original Buffalo Chicken Wing SauceMy favorite time of year is finally upon us again… (yay football season!) …and what an enjoyable slew of games there were yesterday. As a Buffalo native, I’ve been a die-hard Bills fan all of my life, and albeit disappointing to not have made it to the Superbowl for a number of years, my love for our team and the game has only increased as I’ve grown older. Our boys put on a fantastic show yesterday, stomping the crap out of the Seahawks, and I couldn’t be happier!

Buffalo is a huge football town… often touted as a drinking town with a football problem (haha!)… and we have the perfect tailgating accompaniment, native to our city. Buffalo Chicken Wings (known simply as “Wings” here in the Queen City)! If you haven’t had wings in Buffalo, you haven’t had real wings. And let me tell you, they’re amazing. No football party should be without.

Want to try Buffalo Wings in your own hometown? Well, we can help make that happen. The Anchor Bar, just a block and a half from my abode, is the restaurant that started it all, back in 1964. And now, you can get pure Buffalo-love in a 12-ounce bottle, straight from the originators, so you can make real Buffalo Chicken Wings, no matter where you live.

Don’t settle for some nasty, unoriginal, tasteless attempt at the real deal. The Anchor Bar Original Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce is only $5.99, and more than worth every penny.

Go Bills!


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