Buffalo and the Ghosts of Brewing Past

Just came across a great article from one of our hometown alternative newspapers, Artvoice, about the Queen City’s brewing past. Here’s a tidbit from Rushing the Growler: The History of Brewing in Buffalo, by Stephen R. Powell, to whet your appetite:

In 1908, Buffalo’s brewers alone made so much beer that if Niagara Falls flowed with beer instead of water, it would take over one minute and 18 seconds to flow over. In that same year Buffalonians drank almost all of the 31 million gallons of beer produced here. What that boils down to is 22 gallons of beer for every man, woman and child in the area. All this beer came out of 25 local breweries scattered across the city.

Only those who have actually witnessed the grandeur of Niagara Falls could grasp how much beer this would be… not only do I recommend reading the full article, but from reading just that short quote, the book should be pretty rad as well! Cheers to Stephen Powell for such great literary imagery, and to Artvoice for the feature itself. And for all of you who haven’t yet visited Niagara Falls, I heartfully recommend that, too.

Read the entire article at Artvoice.com.


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