BYOB Wine Tasting

Remember the BYOB party I told you about? Well, it ended up being a wine tasting event that made me the envy of my friends. All two of them – sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I prepared the appetizers on an aluminum sheet pan that I thought would be too big for our oven. But that thing let me put several different appetizers on it at the same time. Party goers thought I had a staff in the kitchen. Got a few compliments on some nice stainless steel serving trays that I used, as well as my wooden snack bowls for pretzels, chips and dip.

Everyone brought a bottle of wine. Great thing I had my Cork Pops wine bottle opener and refill cartridges. I ended up going with plastic disposable wine glasses – since the theme was wine tasting. I’m great at figuring out the obvious.

Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener

We did have a bottle of my favorite, which is vodka. I used my Fee Brothers Cocktail Bitters Set to create classic drinks for those who don’t care for wine. You’ve got to try these; I mean, they will make any drink taste much better. My favorite is the cherry… or maybe the orange. Let me put in some more research and I’ll get back to you on that one.

All in all, the party was great and those that did attend were impressed. Just to make sure no one forgot where everything came from, I gave out gift bags with a wine bottle pourer/stopper and my business card.

Hope your holiday parties are as successful as my last bash was!


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