Our Friends Up North

You don’t have to live in the US to have an easy-going transaction with KegWorks. All of our friends up north benefit from our partnership with Canada Post, which makes delivery a breeze.

Kegworks fulfills online Canadian orders that initiate from our website through our Customs Agent, BorderFree. Orders being shipped to Canada pass through this agent for inspection.

Canadian Customers link on KegworksAll a customer needs to do is to click the Canadian Customers link at the top-right of our website and begin shopping. All prices will be shown in Canadian Dollars.

The customer will see their order total including all duties, taxes and shipping, in Canadian Dollars before they actually place an order. Real-time exchange rates are applied to every order. BorderFree captures all of the customer’s information regarding their order (name, add, items, credit card info).

When BorderFree receives the package, they match up the items in the order with the original purchase order. If everything is correct, BorderFree then charges the customer’s credit card and ships the order via Canadian Post. “Web/PH Order BRDFREE” will appear as the billing company on the customer credit card statement.

Now, if you happen to live in Ontario or somewhat close to the Niagara region, it may just behoove you to stop down and see us to pick up your order instead. KegWorks is located just 10 minutes from the Peace Bridge.

Hope to see you soon, and we hope you’ve had a great Thanksgiving.



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