Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This is the Age of Craft Beer. Or at least it’s the dawn of that age. Every single day, people become more educated, more opinionated, and more passionate about their brew choices. Gone are the days of sheer macro domination of the hoppy conversation. This is probably a good thing.

But, like most good things, it has a dark side. All of that knowledge all too often manifests itself in a little something I like to call “beer shaming.”

“O. M. G. Can you believe he’s drinking THAT? It’s like pee.”
“Doesn’t she know that Beer Advocate only gave that a 2.8?”
“You drink dumb.”

People, people. Come on now. We are beer drinkers, and we must remain united on that front. Let’s remember that a day with beer, regardless of what beer you choose to quaff, is a fine day indeed. Let’s embrace our differences and build our Brotherhood of Beer one sip at a time. The world will be better off for it.

And in case you need a little reminder of how beer is supposed to make you feel, here are a few pictures:

“We are happy. We drink beer. One of us kind of looks like Tiki Barber.” (Photo via


Baby Beer

“I don’t know what that is, but it sure does look good.” (Photo via


Dinosaur Beer

What brings dinosaurs and girls in sunglasses together? Beer. (Photo via


Happy Man Drinking Beer

“I love this beer more than I love my children. Hahahahaha.” (Photo via


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