Why Cantillon Brewery Sprays Their Walls with Beer.

Cantillon Brewery Mash Tun

I’d venture to guess that most beer lovers (and all Belgian beer lovers) have heard of Cantillon Brewery. This century-old Belgian brewer is known for their Lambics and the way they brew them.

According to Food and Wine, “Cantillon’s specific process involves spontaneous open fermentation, which means instead of “pitching” a specific type of yeast into the mash, the brewers let it start fermenting naturally from the yeasts that happen to be hanging out around the brewery.”

When they say “hanging out around the brewery,” they mean from the yeasts that are actually on the walls. That’s right. They spray their walls with beer. Last week they posted the two photos seen below on their Facebook page with a caption that read:

Last week they posted the two photos seen below with a caption that read: “Walls and roof sprayed with Lambic. When a Lambic brewer invested in a new building, he ‘washed’ the place with his beer to recreate the same environment as the original building. We are doing the same here to recreate a ‘Cantillon micro-climate’ in our new location.”

Cantillon Spraying the Walls of new building with beer

Cantillon Spraying Their Walls with Beer

So, they’re dousing their walls with beer…

The pictures they posted were taken inside their new location, which they announced in August and acquired in October. Eventually, the acquisition of this new building will allow the brewery to double production, which is good news for us!

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