Celebrate National Pickle Day in Salty Style

I am a sandwich. In fact, I’m the best sandwich ever created; an unholy alliance of utter gastronomic gluttony in perfect ratio. Ham, turkey, and provolone swimming in a creamy sea of mayonnaise and topped with lettuce so green that people think the color green should henceforth be referred to as the color “lettuce” because it so contains the essence of greenness that the lettuce is now more green than green itself and has thus supplanted the notion of what used to be “green” in the minds of consumers.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. (Photo via tinyurbankitchen.com)

Yeah, I’m that good. But do you know how can I be even better? What we can add to me to up the crispiness factor and turn the deliciousness up to eleven?


Pile of Pickles

Soaked in brine and feelin’ fine. (Photo via kitchendaily.com)

Oh, it was so obvious. What sandwich doesn’t benefit from a little bit of pickled bliss? They’re crunchy, they’re juicy, and they’re altogether just about the best sidekick that any sandwich ever had.

So what makes me bring this up today? Well, dear readers, today is a little day that I like to call National Pickle Day!

That’s right. Not only does such a day actually exist, it really is today. If you are looking for proof of some sort, I can’t really give it to you. You can Google “National Pickle Day” and several results will come up and tell you that it’s today, but none of them seem to be the world pickle authority that you might prefer governs such things.

Regardless, today is the day to have a fine time with your favorite brine. Today is the day to admit to the world just how much you’re taste buds are tickled by all that is pickled. Today is the day to be thrilled by dill, to put the work in on your gherken, to admit that bread and butter is your bread and butter.

Luckily, to help you celebrate we’ve got some star jars that are jam-packed with premium pickled perfection by the experts at Brooklyn Brine. From the world-renowned Hop Pickles to the smooth sultriness of the Spicy Maple Bourbon pickle chips, Brooklyn Brine knows what they’re doing. If you’re a fan of pickles and want to salute them in style, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a jar that will make you feel more joy. Get yours now!

Brooklyn Brine

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