Celebrate Oktoberfest – Das Boot Beer Steins, Bavarian Isar Mugs and More

Celebrate Oktoberfest
Bavarian Isar Beer Mugs, starting at $12.95

Time to dust off your German Alpine Hat and pull your tattered lederhosen out of storage (I know you have lederhosen and I know it’s well-worn); Oktoberfest is upon us and it’s time to celebrate. Running in Munich from September 18th through October 3rd this year, Oktoberfest is a time of fun, food, friends, family and of course, beer.

Even if you’re not headed to Germany for the festivities, you can celebrate right where you are, in true Oktoberfest fashion. Just makes sure to have plenty of Märzen (Oktoberfest) beer and, to really show your spirit, enjoy it from (one or more of) these glasses:

Oktoberfest Bavarian Isar Beer Mug (shown in the picture above) – Get them in either 1L or .5L sizes, starting at just $12.95

Oktoberfest Das Boot Beer Stein – Gigantic glass boots made for drinking your favorite German brews, available in 1L or 2L sizes, starting at only $27.95

Prefer a classic wooden barrel mug? Our gigantic Oak Barrel Mug starts at just $49.95 and comes in either 1L or .5L sizes. PErfect for Oktoberfest celebrations and beyond.


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