Celebrity Cocktails: New Fad?

Seems more and more lately celebrities are conjuring up their own signature cocktails, whether created for them, a la Charlie Sheen’s Tiger’s Blood or “updating” a kiddie “classic” themselves (read: Diddy’s own version of Tiger’s Blood, which is really just cranberry juice and vodka).

Matthew McConaughey

Getty Images

Now it seems it’s Matthew McConaughey who’s got what he calls his signature margarita, reportedly saying “I like to whip it up when I’m doing my special barbeque sauce for steak. It satisfies the taste buds in time for the meat.” [list.co.uk]

What makes McConaughey’s margarita special? It’s a mix of tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur and tonic water, then topped off with cranberry juice. Sounds pretty good, although admittedly, I tend toward a slightly simpler cocktail.


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