Can’t Wait to Check Out Barchef Toronto

I’m always looking for fun, interesting stuff to write about for our blog. When a dear friend suggested we plan a visit to the cocktail hotspot Barchef in nearby Toronto, I immediately agreed. Frankie Solarik, the man behind Barchef, is the winner of numerous competitions and mixology awards and he’s credited with being a pioneer in the mixology movement in Canada. He has recently developed a passion for the modern molecular mixology movement.

Barchef Toronto

Located right on Queen Street West, the bar is open from 5:30pm until “late” (according to their website) Tuesday through Friday nights and from 7:00pm until “late” on Saturdays. Sundays and Mondays they’re closed.

Just looking at their menus inspires me. On their Spring drink list, you’ll find cocktails made with incredible ingredients like rosewater, ginger beer, muddled watermelon, coconut bitters (so want these!) and cucumber and coriander infused gin. Mmm…

Their Molecular menu is what really intrigues me though.

Any cocktail that costs $45 CAD has to be good, right? That’s what you’ll pay for a Vanilla Hickory Smoked Manhattan, made with Crown Royal Extra Rare, fresh lemon, in-house cherry vanilla bitters, hickory smoked syrup, vanilla cognac, smoked hickory and vanilla.

There’s even a drink named after my favorite show, Mad Men (which I’ve previously blogged about), made with tobacco infused bourbon, cinnamon infused sweet vermouth, maple bitters, tobacco and cherry jelly and cigar mist. According to an article I found on Sensory Cocktails, “cigar mist is made by simmering crumbled cigars in water and simple syrup.” I can’t help but want to taste it.

Another drink that caught my attention is the Bitter Italian. This one is a little bit sweeter, made with sparkling wine, strawberry and elderberry bitters, amaro, black pepper and honey syrup and rosewater spritz.

If anyone has had the chance to check out Barchef already, let me know what you think. Either way, I’ll be sure to have a full report after my visit.


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