Cheers to New Planet: More Gluten-Free Beer

A growing number of people are in need of a gluten-free diet; people who love beer. As Liz posted about before, the options and availability of gluten-free beer have been limited, but as time moves forward, we’re seeing steps in the right direction.

Enter small craft brewery New Planet Beer. According to an article on, the beer maker has joined with Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) in order to produce larger quantities and more styles of beer. Now they’re distributing across much of Colorado and cannot keep any beers in stock. They’re selling like hotcakes.

New Planet Gluten-Free Beer Brewery

Cheers to Pedro Gonzalez and his efforts in gluten-free beer, driven by his own need, due to Celiac Disease. We wish the best for you and your company, and hope to see your beers more widely available in the time to come.


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