Choosing Brews: My Super Bowl Picks

We’re just days away now from one of my most favorite days of the year, Super Bowl. I’m pretty stoked about this year’s match up, too. I’m thinking it’ll prove to be quite a battle, at least, that’s always the hope.

Super Bowl Beer Picks

Half the fun of the Super Bowl of course is choosing the beer menu. Everyone’s tastes are different, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking for a balanced list, full on flavor but slightly lower on ABV. Here’s my picks for Super Bowl this year.

Victory Prima Pils
At 5.3% ABV, Prima Pils weighs in just over that of a Bud. That’s where the similarities end. Unlike Budweiser, this German-style pilsner is packed with flavor; moderate grassy hops hit up front, smoothing out to a delicious, bready malty finish. This is a must-have.

Bass Pale Ale
This English pale ale is a 5% ABV brew that’s full on malt. Unlike American pale ales, hops are not the star but instead, play a supporting role in the flavor of Bass Ale, balancing the sweet and making it purely drinkable. Carbonation isn’t high, so you won’t feel balloon-like after drinking a few.

Great Divide Titan IPA
Ok, so maybe you don’t need all “session” beers for your Super Bowl gathering. If you’re feeling like a hoppy brew, reach for Titan IPA. It’s 7.1% ABV and one of the more balanced IPAs I’ve enjoyed. The citrusy, slightly evergreen hops kick in hard up front, balanced in back by a slightly caramel malt. It’ll stand up to Buffalo hot wings, pepperoni and sharp cheeses, too.

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock
One of my favorite styles, doppelbock is oft referred to as “liquid bread” and ranges in alcohol content from 6 to 10%. Celebrator is on the lower end of that scale at 6.7% ABV, and could be looked at as your “dessert” beer to finish out the night. It offers an aroma of molasses and bread, with hints of raisin and bitter chocolate, while flavors of molasses, sweet bread and dark, roasted coffee dominate. Its medium body leaves a pleasant effect on your palate, rather than a heavy, syrupy one.

I hope this list has you considering a nice range of beers to enjoy throughout the evening on Super Bowl Sunday, and may the Packers … er, best team … win.



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