Holiday Traditions

Citrus JuicerThe holiday season calls for a special amount of preparation, tradition and a little something extra to keep you feeling alive and in the proper mood. I like to spice up my breakfast a bit during this time of year with something just a bit out of the ordinary raisin bran or granola bar and then dash out the door for work routine. This citrus juicer is perfect for that something extra special in the morning.

This evokes memories of getting a case of oranges in the mail from my grandmother in Florida. She would send us the oranges for Christmas and put in a note telling us that she would be back to see us in the spring when the robins came. It was a great way to know that the cold and dark winter was about half way over and that we would see her soon. We would eat tons of oranges and make orange juice with our juicer at home until we couldn’t stand the juicy goodness of another orange!!! That’s what the season is about; the traditions, the memories and the love of family and friends.


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