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With winter in full swing, my friends and I have found an interesting way to spend weekends without going outside – playing classic video games.

This idea started with my brother Ed and I wanting to actually beat video games we had given up on previously, or just to bask in the glow of reliving video game fun from the past.

GauntletObtaining the games on the original gaming systems is part of the fun and easily accomplished with the help of eBay; one of our family favorite systems is the ancient TI 99/4a, originally made by Texas Instruments in 1981. We also have acquired an original Nintendo (NES) gaming system and also a SNES console.

First up on our task list was to attempt to beat, or at least see, the final room in Gauntlet on the NES. We recommend a spritzy wine cooler or a seven-and-seven as refreshment for maximum fun while playing this beast of a game.

Tunnels of DoomBreaking out a true retro-classic such as Tunnels of Doom on the TI system is one of our favorite pastimes – (we’ve been known to empty a bottle of vodka with tonic). This was the first 3-D dungeon crawl game made, and it looks like it!

So, if you need a low-cost hobby that satisfies the nostalgic in you, keep the retro gaming idea around for those cold weekends!

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