Clever Bar Signs Make a Big Impression

Yesterday, several KegWorkers (myself included) journeyed to Mooney’s, the new(ish) bar/restaurant across the street from our office. We frequent the place, so we tend to notice when they’ve got something new and yesterday this awesome sign caught our eyes before we even made it to the door.

Mooneys Bar Sign

Not only did we all read it and laugh, we all stood around talking about it for a few minutes before we went in. It’s become obvious to me that we like places that make us laugh almost as much as we like clever people.

We’ve got a bunch of attention-grabbing signs but I thought I’d choose my top three as suggestions. Check ’em out:

1. $5 Charge for Whining – Whether or not you enforce it is your decision but the sign alone will give your customers, friends or family a clear picture of your personality. Who knows, it might even cut down on the complaints.

2. Bar Phone Fee Sign – With the modern marvels we call cell phones, this sign is slightly irrelevant but funny all the same. Heck, we might even be able to call it nostalgic at this point.

3. If You Tap It They Will Come – Sometimes the truth is entertaining – and this is one of those times. There’s no real obvious humor behind the message but it’s so spot-on, it’s kind of funny.

Even better, they’re all under $20 and they’ll provide years of quality conversation starting. Have an awesome bar sign that really gets your guests going? Tell us about it!


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