The Difference Between Club Soda and Seltzer

Ever look in the carbonated beverage aisle at your local supermarket and wonder what the difference is between club soda and seltzer water? They both are fizzy carbonated water and they both taste the same to me. I buy either with out much thought to any difference between them; usually lowest price determines my choice. Being ever curious, I did a little research and found there is a difference between the two beverages. Club soda has a small amount of ordinary table salt or a similar salt added to it in order to emulate the slightly salty flavor that seltzer can have when made in a soda siphon at home. So the difference is a little salt. Club soda has it; seltzer does not. I can’t figure out why anyone would prefer one over the other, but if you are out there I would like to know your opinion. [poll id=”4″] [techtags:CLUB SODA, SELTZER, SELTZER WATER, COCKTAIL MIXERS]

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