My New Old Fix: Podcasts!

Once again I have started to delve into the world of podcasts via iTunes. I try to avoid this because it seems to be somewhat of a time warp. If you are new to podcasts or have no idea what they are, I’ll give you a basic description. A Podcast is a series of audio or video files which is distributed over the Internet. I get all of mine through the iTunes Store.

Cocktail Podcasts via iTunes

There are thousands of them and literally something for everyone. When you find one that you like, you subscribe to it. Any new “episodes” will automatically download when they are available. Here are some that pertain to KegWorks and some of the tools we carry for mixing and making drinks.

Cocktails on the Fly Podcast


Everyday Drinkers Podcast


Art of the Drink TV Podcast

Once you are subscribed, you have the option to get past submissions.

Grab Past Podcast Submissions

Well there you have it. Go check out podcasts* that are interesting to you. Learn something! Don’t be force fed entertainment by television. Go get exactly what you want.

*Warning – very addictive!


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