"Cold Beer" Pumpkin Keg Wins First Place

Sgt. Tony Kirkish and Kimberly Maresh decided to take their competition-worthy pumpkin carving to the next level: instead of just creating a (hopefully unique) design, they turned a pumpkin into a working keg, using the same faucet and shank tapping kit we’ve used on summertime’s favorite fruit, the watermelon.

Delicately scribed with the words “COLD BEER,” Tony’s and Kimberly’s pumpkin keg lit the way for Pints and Pumpkins party-goers to find just that, and not only drink it, but serve it straight from the pumpkin itself. A perfect marriage of pumpkin-carving and beer, the pumpkin keg was a clear winner for Tap 42‘s first annual competition, set in lovely Fort Lauderdale. What’s more? The pumpkin was filled with Sgt. Kirkish’s own homebrewed saison… and later, a celebratory fill of Southern Tier Pumpking (a personal favorite of mine!) to share with the waitstaff.

Competition-Winning Cold Beer Pumpkin Keg
The first annual Pint and Pumpkins winning entry!


Competition-Winning Cold Beer Pumpkin Keg
Pints and Pumpkins competition judges


Tony Kirkish and Kim Manesh with their Cold Beer Pumpkin Keg
Sgt. Tony Kirkish and Kimberly Maresh with their award-winning pumpkin keg


Thanks to Sgt. Kirkish for sending these rad pics along. We love to see what you all do with our products and when we help friends and customers win competitions, all the better! Keep the pictures coming, kids.

[Video: How to Tap a Watermelon (or Pumpkin), Infographic: Tap a Watermelon Keg, Buy the Watermelon Tap Kit, Top 5 Pumpkin Beers]

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