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Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad

Who isn’t stoked for the final episodes of Breaking Bad? Well, I guess you might be a mixture of both sad and stoked, but for now, let’s think only of the good things. Yes, this television masterpiece is coming to an end. Yes, it really sucks. But we still have eight episodes to look forward to. And I have a pretty strong feeling that we’re in for an action-packed ending.

Breaking Bad is the kind of show that envelops you entirely. You put on an episode, and no matter what’s going on in your life, you become so involved in the plot, and with each of the characters, that all of your own troubles fall away. For 46 minutes, you’re carried into another world, where in most cases, your problems shrink in comparison to those of the cancer-ridden, anger-stricken, meth-dealing Walter White.

When I’m not busy thinking about who Walt’s going to kill next, if Jesse’s going to screw up their master plan, or how Skylar’s going to emasculate Walt, I often notice Walt’s wonderful taste in beer. I’ve seen him grab a few Sierra Nevadas, something from the local Santa Fe brewery, and in the picture above, he and Jesse are enjoying a couple of beers from Marble Brewery.

After a long, hard day’s work in the meth lab, Jesse and Walt have paid tribute to Marble Brewery, and now Marble Brewery is paying tribute to them with an India Black Ale called Heisenberg’s Dark, named after Walter’s drug dealing alter ego.

marble brewery breaking bad beer instagram post

The company announced the special beer on Instagram last week, and I was pretty excited originally, until I found out that it’s only available in New Mexico. It sucks, I know. But maybe it’s time you took a trip to Walter’s neck of the woods. You can grab a Heisenberg Dark, rent (or steal) a shady mobile home, and take a ride through the desert in your underwear.

If that sounds too risque, then just grab some of your favorite brews and try this Breaking Bad drinking game. But be careful, each of these rules were carefully thought out, and the game is designed to get you drunk.

Bar Stool Breaking Bad Drinking Game

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