Coors Light Iced T (No, really. This is not a joke.)

There’s something very wrong with the news I’m about to spew – but I feel the need to share, so here goes…

Within the next month the fine folks responsible for Coors Light are releasing a new 4% ABV beer and lemon iced tea combo. When it’s cold enough to drink, the mountains stick their pinky up. Just kidding.

Coors Light Iced T

The product does have an unfortunate name, Coors Light Iced Tea, which makes for an even less fortunate acronym as someone pointed out in the comments section of this article.

Another concerning factor is that it’s not a spiked ice tea but a citrusy mashup of light beer and lemon iced tea flavor – minus the caffeine. I’m trying to imagine how that will taste and a lot of words come to mind yet none of them are very optimistic. Words like “artificial” are most dominant.

I should probably disclose that I do go through quite a few canisters of powdered iced tea mix during the summer months, as there’s something about the stuff that I really enjoy. Somehow, I just can’t fathom that it’ll be any good mixed with Coors Light.

Initially, the beverage will only be available in cans, in Canada. Apparently they don’t think Americans will be very receptive. Personally, I think that’s the smartest iced tea related idea they’ve had. If Coors Light Iced Tea does happen to go over well, a stateside introduction may follow. Either way, summer will never be the same.

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