Craft Beer – 100% Bullshit Free

Jason Grube is a designer.

Craft Brew Alliance is a collective of blue-collar brewers.

This is an ad/poster that Jason Grube came up with for the Craft Brew Alliance.

Our Beer is 100% Bullshit Free

It reads, “We don’t tell stories about our beer being frost brewed or coming from some snowy mountain range. And our beers don’t need a cold indicator label. I mean coldest. Really? You only brag about how cold your beer is when there’s nothing else to brag about.

We don’t tell beer stories, our beers speak for themselves.”

How’s that for indirectly slamming your competitors? It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before (can you say Breckenridge?) but I loved its execution so much, I just had to share.

You’re welcome.

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