Craft Beer Invades MLB Ballparks

Image via (Credit: Shelly Tan)

Image via (Credit: Shelly Tan)

Beer and baseball. They’re pretty much a perfect match, right? I mean, what’s better than sitting down on a summer evening to take in some elite athletic competition with a frosty pint of pure perfection in your hand? Nothing.

And friends, things are just getting better. At ballparks across the country, the craft beer scene is really beginning to explode. Consumers want choice and they’ve made their voices heard.

Recently, the Washington Post did some pretty nifty legwork to get a sense of the beer offerings at each of the 30 stadiums spread across our fair land. They compiled these findings into a great interactive chart that can be found by clicking here.

Some key takeaways:

1. Seattle, we salute you.

2. There is real, measurable demand for craft beer and it’s not going away. Craft beer is not a “trend.” It’s a revolution.

3. That being said, at most fields, the big boys still rule the roost, and that’s just fine. There’s room for everyone at this party.

Seriously, go check this graphic out, but be warned it’s pretty easy to get lost in it.

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