Craft Beer to Warm Hearts in the Coldest of Cold

New Zealand craft brewer Moa is set to bring their delicious beers to pioneers on the coldest continent on Earth. Antarctica. According to an article on, currently those living in Antarctica drink about 30,000 cans of mass-produced beer, like Heineken, per year. Moa would be the first artesian brews to ever hit the continent.

Moa Brewery
Photo credit: Scott Hammond

John Scott, founder of Moa Brewery, said, “Hopefully it will warm their hearts when it’s completely dark down there. There are amazing people who have gone down and pioneered in Antarctica. It’s quite inspirational what they do, and it’s good to be involved.”

Special measures for Antarctic beer have even been taken. The brews that will take the two-month journey will be packaged in 600ml plastic bottles, a first for Moa, so that they’re lightweight and recyclable, as all trash is transported back to New Zealand to be dealt with properly. The “Antarctica Edition” beers will even have special labels made, featuring penguins and seals.

Not only does Moa know that those stationed in Antarctica will enjoy their brews, but they hope that international sales with the U.S. will be on the up and up as well, once Americans in Antarctica get a good taste.

Cheers to Moa for bringing craft beer where no craft beer has gone before!


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