Manage the Masses

Creating an efficient public guidance system for your commercial establishment has never been easier, now with KegWorks Crowd Control. We offer crowd management systems from the 3 biggest names in the industry, loads of information and all of the best products available. With KegWorks Crowd Control, you’ll have no problem keeping everyone in line.

Crowd Control Systems from KegWorksExploring Your Options

Retractable Belt Barriers
Create lines for any type of crowd with high quality stanchion and tape systems. These types of line management barriers are found at airports, banks and more.

  • Tensabarrier by Lawrence Metals
  • Beltrac by Lavi Industries
  • Retracta-Belt by Visiontron

Post and Rope Systems
Classic post and rope systems, in a wide range of styles and finishes, add elegance and class to your crowd control solution. Great for theaters, museums, casinos and more.

Wall Mounted Systems
An ideal solution for closing off specific areas, like bathrooms for cleaning or entrances after hours. Choose retractable belt or rope options for your wall mounted barriers – whichever works best for your establishment.

Outdoor Security Barriers
These barrier systems are strong enough for crowded outdoor events, such as concerts and fairs, and can take the heat (or cold) from inclement weather. Find retractable belt, rope or fence solutions that work best for you.

Let KegWorks help you create a perfect public guidance system for your establishment today!


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