CrowdBrewed: Kickstarter for Beer

Craft brewing is a capital-intensive game. Put another way: it costs money (a pretty good amount of it) to make great beer.

Now, I understand that, really, that’s an obvious point. Of course it costs money to make beer. It costs money to do just about anything. But the point is that there are lots of talented brewers out there who would like to bring the fruits of their labors to a wider audience, but they simply don’t have the financial muscle to make it happen. To make top-quality beer, it requires top-quality ingredients. To make money while making top-quality beer? It damn near requires a miracle.

Enter CrowdBrewed.

CrowdBrewed Logo

The CrowdBrewed Logo (Photo via

This innovative platform is like Kickstarter for beer. It utilizes the power of crowdfunding (essentially, receiving micro-donations from many interested parties who believe in your idea instead of being dependent on one rich person’s deep pockets) to give hope to unique projects that otherwise would never see the light of day.

Who benefits from this? Well, the brewers, obviously. They get a seat at the table. A chance to roll their dice and try to produce something that’s truly remarkable. And the donors, who can feel good and altruistic about offering support to projects that inflame their particular passions.

But who REALLY wins? Me. You. Us. Basically, anyone who is interested in seeing the craft beer movement continue to pick up steam and diversify the malted marketplace. With greater access to funding, the imaginations of craft brewers and home brewers around the nation are suddenly unfettered from the tyrannical constraints of thoughts like “There is no way I could ever afford to do this.” I don’t see a downside to this.

Want to learn more? Click on over to the CrowdBrewed website and poke around. The site only launched a couple of months ago, so offerings are currently a bit sparse. But there’s plenty of info about what they plan to do, how they plan to do it, and why it’s important. If you believe that no great beer should go unbrewed, this is must-read stuff for you.

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