Cups Are For Balls. Use The Right Glass.

Using the proper glassware (instead of a red solo cup) not only makes you look more intelligent, but it allows you to better enjoy your beer, too. Don’t just take my word for it, though. You’ll have to try it yourself to truly experience the difference that beer in the proper glass makes. From the height and composition of the head, to the brew’s aroma, to the mouthfeel and complexity of the flavor, every aspect of a beer is better enjoyed when sipped from its glass match.

The most recent addition to our glassware guide is the Scotch Ale Thistle Glass. Scotch Ale (also known as Wee Heavy) is a sweet, full-bodied strong ale with an emphasis on the malt. You’ll enjoy flavors of caramel and toasted sugar in many examples of the style, along with alcohol ranging in the 6 to 10 percent range.

Thistle Glass for Scotch Ale

You’ll especially enjoy said flavors in the thistle glass. Not only does the glass resemble Scotland’s national flower, this modified version of a tulip glass captures and enhances the aroma while providing plenty of room for a large, billowy head. Our thistle glasses are created from handblown glass and hold 21 full ounces of your favorite Scotch Ales.

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