Pole Positions: Dancer Poles in the Home

Still don’t have your dancer pole?

I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Time is running out for you to be in a pole dancing competition. Check out this one …

Pole Dancing Competition Movie

And also check out the ticket prices. I’d love to see who’s dropping that kind of cash on such an event, other than our favorite sports stars and rockstars.

Don’t forget the many other uses for you dancer pole as well:

1. The kids love it, can’t keep their damn hands off of it.
2. Great prop if you are a fireman for Halloween.
3. Makes a real handy tool if you need to knock bats off the ceiling.
4. Play “fancy” telephone. No more wrapping paper rolls.
5. Pole vaulting!
Dancer Pole Makes a Great Headboard6. Rolling out big dough.
7. Impaling enemies.
8. A tunnel for matchbox cars.
9. A modern Native American snow snake.
10. Exotic dancer attraction device.
11. Exercise!
12. Fancy bed headboard.

Just stop procrastinating and GET YOUR POLE! Here’s how to order


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  • Ed September 30, 2009 @ 12:50pm

    $hane, man… Billy Mays would be proud!

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