Das Beer Boot!

Oktoberfest is well underway, with festivities running through October 4th. Even if you’re not in Germany for the celebration, you can still enjoy your own at home… especially if you’ve got Das Beer Boot, a 2-liter (read 67-ounce) glass stein, shaped like a boot. That’s right, a boot.

Das Beer Boot is imported from Europe and weighs in at an astounding 8-pounds when filled up with your favorite brew… this is one stein you surely need to grab with two hands (at least until you’ve sipped a bit down).

Looking for some great Oktoberfest beers to enjoy in your 2-liter beer boot? Check out Deron’s Top 5 Oktoberfest/Märzen brews.

Das Beer Boot 2-liter Stein

Or maybe you think 2 liters is pushing it? While we may not agree, we do offer a 1-liter beer boot stein which might just fit the bill. Either way, cheers to rich, toasty, full-bodied Märzen beer and to Oktoberfest celebrations everywhere!


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