DCHB Announces Launch of Beer Clothes

BUFFALO, NY – Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc. DCHB has launched its fourth eCommerce Web Site called Beer Clothes, www.BeerClothes.com. Beer Clothes is a specialty site concentrating on beer branded clothing and accessories. “We have also added a few of our better selling alcohol and beer branded items from our flagship site KegWorks.com, like tin beer signs and bottle coozies,” said David Rivers, President and Owner of DCHB.

“We were getting so many requests from our customers for items that had their favorite beer logo on it” Rich Matson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Beer Clothes said, “that we decided it would be a good idea to try to provide those products to them”. This started a two month long search for suppliers who had the proper license to produce and sell items with some of the biggest brand names in the beer and spirits industry. Making sure that each supplier had the proper credentials was pivotal in being able to assure a the consistency of quality and supply of each item chosen to go on the Beer Clothes web site.

The response “has been great,” says Matson. “We are noticing repeat customers and our order base expands into a new states weekly.” DCHB currently operates three other eCommerce sites: KegWorks.com which specializes in home bar and home draft beer equipment, DeluxeGrills.com which specializes in providing commercial grade BBQ Grills to the residential market, and LeftOnMain.com a home décor and kitchen appliance store.

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