Dear Boss, We Want an Office Kegerator

My boss thinks I'm kind of a big deal

Today, Friday, March 7th, is a glorious day. It’s Friday. It’s March. We’re springing the clocks forward on Sunday, and although we’ll lose one precious hour of the weekend, we’ll gain an hour of daylight and no longer step out of our offices, cubicles, and factories into dark, abysmal nights. And all of that is great. But, that’s still not the best of it.

Today, Friday, March 7th, is also Employee Appreciation Day. That’s right. Look it up. And while you may be hoping for a raise, a promotion, some extra time off, or maybe just a pat on the back, hoping won’t typically get you anywhere. And while all of that stuff would be wonderful, we have a better idea. Why not ask your boss to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day by committing to an office kegerator?

Danby Draft Beer Kegerator

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Does it sound crazy? It shouldn’t. We here at KegWorks have one. And it’s not just because we’re a company that deals largely with booze. It’s because we work hard and we know how to have fun.

A Few KegWorkers Around the Office Kegerator

A Few KegWorkers Around the Office Kegerator

Plenty of more progressive companies are doing it. But I don’t think I have to convince you. It’s your boss(es) that I’m more concerned about. I took care of that for you as well.

I’ve drafted a letter below. It’s pretty generic. If you want to use it, you can. You may want add, edit, or remove some of the info. Feel free. Make it work for you and your company. Check it out below.

Dear Boss,

Do you know what today is? Yes, it’s Friday, which is great, but it’s also Employee Appreciation Day. I know what you’re thinking…I want a raise, promotion, or maybe some more vacation days. That’s not the case. I mean, any of that stuff would be quite nice, but I have another idea; one that benefits you as much as me. A kegerator. Yes, a draft beer dispensing machine.

Hear me out. I, with the help of KegWorks – a company that’s had an office kegerator for 16 years – have compiled a list of 7 benefits of owning an office kegerator. Please take the time to read through them before you toss this away.

1. It’s a Low Cost Benefit

As far as benefits go, it’s not that expensive, but it’s a perk we will appreciate. And most of us will be boasting around town about how incredible our company is. That’s some solid PR.

2. Stress Reduction

There’s nothing quite like a cold one after a long day.

3. Team Building

You could have us play some sophomoric team-building game in the office, or try to schedule a company event that half of the staff won’t show up for. Or, you could stick a kegerator in the break room, and encourage employees to have one beer an hour before our shifts end. That’s a sure way to get us all talking together in one room. And what’s the one thing we all have in common? Work. So, chances are, we’ll mostly be having conversations that benefit the business.

4. Willingness to Work Late

Burning the midnight oil sometimes sucks. Especially for salaried employees. But, doing so with a beer makes missing happy hour suck much, much less.

5. Soaring Job Satisfaction

When you have a better office culture, people like their jobs more. It’s that simple.

6. Reduced Turnover Rates

When people like their jobs, they’re less likely to go out looking for new ones.

7. Progressive (& Positive) Public Perception

Want the public, prospective employees, and clients to think you run a fun company, with a progressive corporate culture? Actions speak louder than words.

Thanks for your time, boss.


If you get the guys and gals upstairs to sign off on this perk, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk equipment with you.

Happy Friday, everyone.  And happy Employee Appreciation Day. If the company isn’t treating you, be sure to treat yourself.

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