Death Sauce

We just got Blair’s Hot Sauces in and Hannah blogged about them once already (read her post here) but I just can’t resist giving these bad boys some more attention. In all fairness, they definitely deserve it.

Don’t just take my word for it! Blair’s Hot Sauces are certainly no stranger to fame. The hot and flavorful Death Sauces have been features on/in:

  • Fox News
  • CNBC Money
  • NY Daily News
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Guinness Book of World Records
  • The Food Network
  • Regis & Kelly
  • E-Network’s Talk Soup

Here’s just part of what the NY Daily News had to say:

Blair has what is perhaps an unusual goal for a maker of food products: He wants to hurt you. And he wants you to enjoy it.

Blair is the mastermind behind Blair’s Death Sauces, a growing line of nuclear concoctions so potent they make Tabasco look like peppermint ice cream. So potent that Blair has to wear a bodysuit and a respirator to make them in his Highlands, NJ headquarters.

So potent that he says his Sudden Death sauce matches any on Earth for sheer firepower.

“Absolutely,” he says. “I’ll put my Sudden Death next to anything.”

Blair’s interest in making tongues sizzle dates to 1990, when he was the owner of a Jersey Shore restaurant. Aggravated by late-night drunks, he started goading them to down chicken wings made with his palate-punishing homemade sauce.

“I’d say, ‘If you can eat this sauce I’ll give you another drink,'” he recalls. “Not many of them had another drink.”

Soon, adventurous eaters started showing up to take Blair’s Wings of Death challenge; Eat four wings and get them for free. (First, though, they had to sign a waiver.) Fewer than one in 100 managed it, says Blair.

That original sauce, Blair’s Death Sauce, is now one of the mildest he makes. Next came the even more scalding After Death. But even that pales in comparison to Sudden Death.

Blair’s sauces are all-natural — the source of all that scorch is habanero peppers from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, processed into concentrated form.

So you might be asking yourself why anyone would willingly pay for and ingest a condiment so savage it comes with a warning label?

One reason, says Blair, is “the challenge, without a doubt.” But mainly, he adds, “It’s fun. It adds excitement to food. You can take a regular pot of chili and put some Sudden Death in it, and it’s a whole new world.”

So there you are folks, they’re not just hot sauces, they’re a line of delightful kick-your-ass hot sauces with a cool story behind them.

Our sampler pack has four of Blair’s best sellers. Here they are, complete with heat meter ratings!

Hot Sauce Heat Meter

Heat MeterBlair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce
A delicious blend of jalapenos, tomatillos, garlic and lots of fresh ingredients topped off with blue agave tequila for that special bite that gives Jalapeno Death Sauce a “South of the Border” punch.
Heat MeterBlair’s Original Death Sauce
The one that started it all in 1989. Six times hotter than a jalapeno pepper, this stuff is ridiculously hot compared to “normal” wussy hot sauces.
Heat MeterBlair’s After Death Sauce
This is where it gets serious. Use sparingly (if you value your sanity.) This sauce has the same mind-blowing heat of the Original Death Sauce, just kicked up several notches with pepper extract. With a slight citrus flavor and smoky wood overtones, this sauce is HOT.
Heat MeterBlair’s Sudden Death Sauce
Death never tasted so good! Use with extreme caution. A micro drop is all you need. Non-stop hot. Over the edge, and back again.

My dad thinks he’s hardcore so I’m going to bequeath a few bottles of Blair’s sauces to him in honor of Father’s Day. I hope he knows what he’s in for!


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