Did the Masters get you in the Mood to Golf?

Wow! What a finish. I golfed earlier that day and got to finish my Sunday golf experience off watching Tiger Woods and Chris DiMarco battle into a playoff!

Man, I wish I had half the skill those guys do. Unfortunately I don’t, so when I hit the links I like to balance my game out by drinking a few beers. Buying beers on the course is expensive! Most courses don’t let you bring your Coleman cooler full of beer and toss it in the cart basket. They know they’ve got’cha and are not afraid to charge you $3.50 for a can of beer. Maybe if you buy a six pack they will knock $2 off the cost, but that is still pretty expensive.

I found away around it with this Bag Boy Cart Bag! It has a 12-pack cooler built in. Sweet! It works great too, I used it this weekend and it kept everything nice and cold.

I didn’t shoot to well, but at least I didn’t get beat up by cart girl prices!

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