Digging That Beer Mat? It’s Probably From Buffalo.

The Queen City has more than Buffalo wings, beef on weck and sponge candy to be proud of. Not only is Buffalo home to some of the most delicious (albeit greasy) food, but the paper coaster that’s under your pint probably came from here too.

According to an article by S.J. Velasquez on Buffalo.com, 65% of the world’s beer mats are made by the Katz Group. This means there’s a major possibility that your coaster came from our hometown… that or the company’s Germany or Tennessee locations.

Hello My Drink is Gone Coasters

Many beer branded coasters and even our rad KegWorks “Hello My Drink is Gone” coasters are made by the Katz Group, here in Western New York (that’s right, Buffalonians refer to our area as Western New York, not Upstate). And if you dig scoring free drinks, you’ll want to consider the IITYWIMWYBMAD? coasters, too.

Next time you’re imbibing in a frosty, cold brew, have a little toast to Buffalo and the company that very likely made the coaster on which it sits.


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