Wine Wants to Get Digital, Digital

Winos, connoisseurs and dabblers alike will appreciate this digital dual bottle wine chiller. Looking like something straight out of a spaceship, this wine chiller ensures your reds, pinks, whites and champagnes are at the perfect drinking temperature and ready for immediate consumption.

Two wireless temperature probes fit into your uncorked wine bottles and seal the spout while sending accurate temperature readings of the wine itself – not the storage chamber – to LCDs on the outside of the chiller. With separate thermostats, each chamber can be programmed to a different temperature, Digital Dual Wine Bottle Chillerallowing you to chill a bottle of red and a bottle of champagne at the same time.

Your chiller is programmed with suggested serving temperatures for champagne, red, white or rose wines but you can adjust them manually if you’d like. The LEDs warn when wines are too cool or too warm and they’ll let you know when they’ve reached the optimal temperature for consumption.

Of course, you personally don’t need to be in the know on proper wine temperatures. The dual bottle digital wine chiller makes it easy – just press the button that matches the type of wine you’re enjoying and let it ride.



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