Dinner Party: Perfect It With Port

So, you want to impress your new friends… You already invited them to a party. Your china is dusted off, you just purchased (errr…made) a fantastic aged steak dinner, now for the beverage. I know you better, you want a beverage that will really wow them. How about a Port? You already have the figs, cheese and nuts out for appetizers (you do don’t you?) A Port can really set an elegant mood that will wow your guests and your taste buds.

Port Wine Glasses

The aroma is inviting the taste is superb and you really want to get the maximum wow out of this rather expensive drink you’ve been dying to try. Get the right Port glass. The proper bulb will let the aroma gently waft into your nostrils, the stem will keep it from being warmed by your fingertips and the base is just wide enough to be elegant and prevent your guests from misplacing the glass on the floor as opposed to the table when this high test drink kicks in.

Best of luck. At least you’ve made a good first impression…


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