No More Free Beer?

Bev Manager Draft Beer Control SystemCost of living is steadily growing out of control – gas, smokes, food, beer – and now some restaurant owners are counting on new technology to help keep tabs on the draft beer leaving their kegs.

As cited in this article on Beer Advocate, draft beer is a leading profit maker for restaurants and bars, since its gross profit margin is around 85%. However, many bars are losing money due to wasted beer from poor pours and crafty bartenders, giving away free brews for more tips (hmmmm… I don’t know any bartenders like that… ha!).

Now, after countless years of lost profit, technology is coming to the rescue of bar and restaurant owners. A new system invented in Syracuse, NY, called BevManager, is filtrating our brewpubs, giving owners the ability to track each and every ounce of beer that leaves the keg. Once flow meters are installed in each beer line between the keg and faucet, the owner can track and compare ounces of beer poured versus dollars paid.

Not only does this new technology curb loss, but it aids bar and restaurant owners in inventory management, order placement and more. A number of chain restaurants have already adopted this technology… I just hope my favorite hole-in-the-wall doesn’t jump on the wagon, at least not yet.


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