Draft Beer Towers Or Works of Art?

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you know that we like to highlight the coolest Tools for Drinking we offer to help you take your home entertaining to the next level. That’s what we’re all about.

But you know what? Sometimes you feel like getting out on the town. You know what I mean, right? You want to be among people, feel the energy of a crowd, soak in the atmosphere of a raucous, well-appointed bar with a full range of delicious beers and potent cocktails. We feel you.

And hey, maybe you just happen to be a person who owns one of these awesome bars, or have a good friend who does. That’s why we wanted to show you our most recent beautiful draft beer towers that give any bar a touch of unique class (not to mention unrivaled pouring power). Check these beauties out and spread the word that KegWorks has the goods for the coolest bars on the block!

1. Lantern Wall Mount Draft Beer Tower (Available in both Air Cooled and Glycol Cooled versions)


2. Wall Mount Rail Draft Beer Tower (Available in both Air Cooled and Glycol Cooled versions)


3. Illuminated Pass-Thru Draft Beer Tower (Glycol Cooled version only)


I mean, just look at these things! They’re gorgeous, they’re hip, they’re super high-quality, and they deserve a spot in your favorite bar. So the next time you head out for a couple of suds, check out what kind of draft beer tower they’ve got. If it’s less cool than these, well then, you know what to do!

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