Draft System Pro: Perlick Perl Faucet with Flow Control

Straight-up draft beer system owners and home brewers alike will likely find this faucet the cat’s meow. Every faucet that Perlick puts out there is a trustworthy one, and their newest addition is no exception. The Perlick Perl Flow Control Faucet is innovative in that it features a knob that increases and decreases flow restriction within the faucet, for a perfect pour every time.

Perlick Perl Flow Control Faucet

Whether you’re pouring an especially lively home brew, small samples or beers with insatiably billowing heads, this faucet can handle the job well and leave you with a perfect pint, instead of a glass full of foam. Another great feature of the Perlick Perl Flow Control Faucet is its elongated spout, which makes filling growlers and large-capacity glasses a breeze.

Perlick Perl Flow Control Faucet

Do yourself and your system a favor and grab your own, just $45.99.


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